Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

We are a Liverpool based company that services the North West including Southport, Ormskirk, Runcorn, Wigan, St Helens and Manchester to name a few. We travel free of charge to all areas within a 25 mile radius of Liverpool and charge £1 per mile extra for travel outside of this area. Unsure of whether we cover your area? Send us a message, we'll see what we can do!

How far in advance do I need to book?

We always recommend booking around a month in advance for the best chance of securing your preferred date and princess. Our performers are booked on a first come first serve basis, so the earlier you secure your date the better! Your party date and performer will be secured after you have paid your deposit.

How many children can I invite?

You can invite as many children as you like! However, we do ask that in the case of more than 25 children, you consider a second princess. At our events, we like for the princess to be able to interact with each and every child, so that they all take away magical, personal memories. This becomes difficult when there are more than 20 children.

What ages do you cater for?

We cater for absolutely all ages, you're never too old for a princess! However, please be aware, that whilst our performers are extensively trained, sometimes very young children can become shy or scared of the characters. Sometimes, they therefore don't want to take part in the party games. We don't want this to happen! We recommend that if you know your child is very young or shy, to let them know their favourite princess is coming, instead of keeping it as a surprise. This usually helps on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you feel that your child may benefit from meeting the princess privately before the start of the party, consider our Diamond package.

How do I pay for my party?

Each and every party that is booked must be secured with a deposit. The deposit can be paid via our website at the checkout. All deposits must be received in order to secure your party date and princess. Once you have paid your deposit, the remaining balance will be paid to the princess in cash on the day of your party.

What happens once I've paid?

You'll receive an automatic confirmation of payment email from us immediately and then a second email from us that explains the next steps. The princess will call you a week prior to your party to introduce herself and to go over all of the final details for your party. This is a good time to tell her your child's favourite games, whether your child has ever met this princess before (so she can pretend to remember her!), any favourite songs etc. We love to personalise each party so be sure to let the princess know special details about the birthday child!

Where should I hold my party?

Due to the quality of our costumes and the nature of our performances, we find the best parties are held in a home, community centre, church hall, private function rooms etc. We ask that if your party is planned for a garden, please have a backup space in case of adverse weather.

Will you entertain the boys at the party too?

Of course we will! Often we find the boys love the princess too! Your princess will make sure to ask if there will be boys at your party so that she can cater to them too. She can offer things like facepainting and temporary tattoos for them along with some pirate or superhero themed games. If you'd like to request a male character - send us a message & let us know, we'll see what we can do.

What do I need to supply for the party?

We will take care of most things, including the party games, entertainment, makeover kits, coronation ceremony, tiara for the birthday girl etc. We do not however provide catering, party bags or pass the parcel. Our princesses are happy to lead pass the parcel if you provide it. If you are looking for party decorations, cakes, catering etc, please let us know, we'd be happy to put you in touch with some wonderful party planners!

What music system do I need?

Our princesses will bring along bluetooth speakers with a personalised playlist for the party, along with a bluetooth mic for sing-a-longs! However, we recommend having a backup system of your own in the unlikely event that our speakers malfunction or we lose connection in particularly rural areas.

What party games do you play?

This all depends on your child! We will enquire about any favourite games they have, along with their favourite songs and sweets (for prizes!). Usually, musical statues, 'what's the time Mr Wolf', pass the parcel, treasure hunts, dance offs, parachute games, balloon races and limbo are our favourites!

When will the character arrive?

Our princesses always arrive 10 minutes before a set time to ensure they are ready to walk in at your arranged time. We recommend that you invite the princess to arrive 15 minutes into the start of the party so that all of the guest have arrived and no time is lost waiting.

Do you have any other policies?

We ask that you keep any pets in their cages or in another room whilst the princess entertains, so as to protect them and their costumes from any harm.

We also ask that no-one smokes or consumes alcohol in the same room as that in which the princess is entertaining.

Finally, if our princess feels at any point that she is in an unsafe/hazardous/hostile environment she has the right to leave with full compensation from the client. She also has the right to refuse her services if she arrives at the event and the client is disrespectful, negligent and/or inebriated.

Thank you for your cooperation.

What is the Royal Assistant for?

We send a royal assistant to each and every party to provide extra support to the princess. The royal assistant will set up each activity, help with games and face painting and also take photos and videos of the party - so you don't have to worry about it!

Can I join the team?

We encourage all aspiring princesses to get in touch! If you love children, entertaining, singing and fairytales we would love to hear from you. Please go to the contact page, drop us an email and we'll get back to you. Good luck!

Can I cancel my booking?

We understand that sometimes a party needs to be cancelled. We unfortunately cannot return deposits in the event of a cancellation, but we will hold them for up to 12 months in case you wish to rearrange your party to another date.

Do you host any free events?

We always love holding free events for the community! We recently organised a free afternoon tea event, a couple of princess meet and greet events and even a sing-a-long! Head to our events tab in the about section to see more!

Do you design invitations?

We do! Send us a message telling us all about your little one & we'll send you four different designs to choose from! See our offers page for more information.

Can I choose a performer?

We love to hear that you've been recommended a certain performer, however we cannot 100% guarantee that they will be available for your date. We will try to do our best for every request.

Still have a question?

Chat with us, send us an email or reach out on our social media platforms!

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