Baby reveal!

We had the honour of joining Esmey and her family in revealing that she was going to be a big sister! Keep reading to find out what we did...

We were invited to celebrate Esmey's 4th birthday party this October, but with a special twist! Esmey's mum Natalie was expecting!

"Esmey had the most amazing time, she still has not stopped talking about it!! Thanks again, you are really amazing!"

Natalie let us share in her secret and plan a baby reveal. For months, Esmey had been wishing on her genie's lamp for a little sister or brother for her birthday present.

The Little Mermaid and Beauty were almost moved to tears when Esmey made that same wish whilst blowing out her birthday cake candles. See the magical moments for yourself below...

The princesses gave Esmey a makeover, played in her room with her dolls and even crowned her a princess in a royal coronation ceremony! After this, it was time for the big announcement! Esmey was handed a sign that read 'I'm going to be a big sister!" and was asked to pose for some photos.

Once the photos had been taken, the princesses helped Esmey read the sign. Before they could finish, Esmey was running over to her mum to hug her tummy. Such a beautiful moment that we got to be a part of!

We're wishing Natalie, Esmey and family every happiness and success in the future!

P.S in case you were wondering...


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