Ice Sisters Sing-a-long at HugaMug!

Our Sisters have been very popular since the release of their new film! They were so excited to meet the villagers of Gateacre for a special sing-a-long!

November 22nd saw the release of the highly anticipated Frozen 2! Our princesses were invited to Hug-a-mug, a beautiful little cafe in L25, to celebrate the release with a sing-a-long. The lunch go-ers received a special surprise, when upon finishing their themed lunch, their favourite characters walked through the door! Children raced from their chairs to be able to give the Ice Sisters big warm hugs. See their reaction for yourselves on the video above.

"You've absolutely made my daughter's day, the Ice Queen is her idol."

Once the excitement had relaxed, the Ice Sisters took the guests to Hug-a-mug's sensory play room for special makeovers and a sing-a-long! Guests were able to dance as the Ice Queen sang her famous songs and they even got to join in with an interactive storytime.

We had so much fun with everyone & loved seeing so many dressed up as their favourite characters! We can't wait to go back soon and visit.

Check out Hug-a-mug's page here:

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