A5 Goddess of the Ocean print - "NAMAKA"

Moana Inspired watercolour print

Printed on high quality, 100% recycled, 200 gsm paper

Please be aware, that due to the nature of the recycled paper, each print may or may not have small imperfections.


Meet: Nāɱαƙα - fierce Goddess of the Ocean 

In Polynesian mythology, Nāmaka fell in love with sorcerer Aukelenuiaiku, teaching him all of her magical powers. One day, he left her for another woman - her younger sister. Nāmaka's distress is said to be the reason for the swell of the tides and force of the waves to this day. Many still look for her face in the water lapping on the beach or in the foamy surf of the bay.

We absolutely loved Nāmaka's story & her strength. We loved that her dark time gave rise to the untamed ocean - evolving into something that the whole world now reveres.



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